Skyward Speech offers consultation, assessment, and treatment for children with suspected or confirmed speech and language delays. Please explore the options below, or Contact Us with any questions.


I am happy to offer a free initial consultation via phone or video conferencing. We will discuss your concerns about how your child is communicating, and I will gather some initial information including your goals for speech therapy services. From there we will identify potential next steps, which may include a formal Assessment, and/or creating a Treatment plan.


If your child has not had an SLP assessment within the past 6 months, our first step will involve a formal or informal Assessment of your child’s communication skills. This may include screening and/or evaluation of your child’s: receptive language (your child’s understanding of words and sentences), expressive language (their ability to use words and sentences), speech (pronunciation of sounds, words and sentences), and social communication. Assessment can range between 30-90 minutes depending on factors such as the age of your child, the number of areas being evaluated, etc.


I believe that families play a vital role in the treatment of speech and language disorders. Together, we will identify goals for treatment that reflect the results of assessment, as well as what is functional and meaningful for your family.

Our sessions will target these treatment goals through activities that are fun and appropriate to the interests of your child. This often involves a blend of structured activities, as well as games, songs, books and opportunities for movement breaks.

I strongly encourage parents to observe and participate! In this way, families learn new strategies and ways to support their child’s developing communication skills.

At the end of each session, we will debrief about your child’s progress within the session. We may also discuss strategies and activities to try at home, and you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have.